Prof. Dr. Kurt M. Kotrschal

born May 5, 1953, Linz, Austria, Austrian citizen,
married to Rosemarie Kotrschal since 1975, two Children: Katharina (5/2/78), Alexander (6/2/80);
Director Konrad-Lorenz-Forschungsstelle für Ethologie and
Associated Professor at the University of Vienna, 

Academic Degrees
1987 Habilitation, 1981 Ph.D, 1979 Masters of Science, all University of Salzburg

Research Interests
Social Mechanisms, Hormones, and Energetics; Behavioural Phenotypes; Human-Animal Relations 

Work Experience
1989-1990 Assistant Visiting Professor at the Univ. Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver
1981-1989 Assistant Professor, Univ. Salzburg
1984-1985 Visiting Scientist, University of Arizona, Tucson
1976-1981 Technical Assistant for Histology, Department of Zoology, Univ. Salzburg

Two Associated Editorships, Member in 6 Scientific Societies, Member of Council and Scientific advisory Boards in 5 Societies, 50 Plenaries and Major Invited Seminars, 6 Scientific Awards, 12 Scientific Meetings Organized

Research Grants
Present: 3 (FWF and industry, total approx 600 000€) on social mechanisms and human-animal relations. Total of 24 research grants in 25 years.

Teaching, Students Supervised
A Range Course, Practica and Seminars in Behavioural, Ecological and Evolutionary Topics, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Biology, Ecomorphology, Neurobiology, General Animal Behavior and Eco-Ethology, Ichthyology and Marine Biology; 34 Masters and PhD-Students Supervised in the Past, at present: 12 masters students, 5 PhDs; 5 associated Post-Docs.

Publications, Contributions to Meetings:
1981-2008: 190 Publications in Refereed Journals, Books, Numerous Popular Science Writings, and Book Reviews, etc., 330 Contributions to Meetings (Abstracts of Orals and Posters).